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Al S E
Thanks for your effort to pierce the Western propaganda curtain, and take an objective look at Ahmadinejad. I have tried to do the same.
well as you said my brothwin you dont know farsi and you english will never understand the beuty of persian culture .we are a proud people with a history and a strong future in what we beleive in is surely a true way of life and against the evils of coruption which you your self understand what is existing infront of yoyur nation but beleive these words the high the supreme will bring down mankind foe their astray ways whether jew nor christian fremason even they are nothing to him just a mockery and an insult .I hope ahmadinejad succeeds in his powers and knowlege for the future to protect iran from the zionist war and white mans arogance and selfishness may allah save the shias and show mankind there mistakes thats when it will be too late

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