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The four men ...were watched by intelligence officers a year before....(around the time of Operation Crevice). There were 9 people arrested then, who have recently been on trial at the Old Bailey, pinned under the evidence of shadowy US Supergrass Mohammed Junaid Babar. There are another further 43 people who have been detained in connection with the failed bombing attempts of 21st July 2005; 17 of these have been charged, & will appear in court in late 2006/early 2007. The authorities haven't explained what other surveilance was deemed MORE important than continuing the surveilance of Tanweer & Khan (who, we're told, went to Pakistan since their surveilance was discontinued in Spring 2004). The 52 people now 'out of the way' could probably tell us a bit more on the US/UK Security Service involvement with Khan et al. I don't think that we are being told the full story. And the synchronicity of the news stories is far too coincidental too.

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