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1. The key to understanding what is going on in Britain 2008 is to realise that New Labour is Fabian. 2. The final objective of the Fabians is to create a One World Communitarian ('Third Way') government. This ties in with the New World Order project. 3. Common Purpose is the management mechanism being used to carry out the true and hidden agenda of Fabian New Labour. 4. The economic and social chaos that we are witnessing nowadays has been deliberately engineered by Fabian New Labour and Common Purpose along with New World Order plotters in places like the United States and the European Union. 5. There are literally no depths to which this institutionally-corrupt Fabian New Labour government will not descend: multi-billion Eurofraud, relentless and ruthless abuses of citizens, lying, cheating, secrecy, going to war on the basis of lies, oppressive social control, abrogating sovereign rule to Brussels, bankrupting the country and so on. http://www.stopcp.com
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I thought that as soon as the news report can on. I watched it (what was supposed to be) live. I'm pretty sure that it was mentioned that Robin Cook rang his son when he reached the top.....am I mistaken in my recollection?? I don't think I am...
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Before 9/11 we were told that the CIA could not account for 2.5 trillon dollars, i think we can help them,first of all, why is every agent given an american express card and who looks after accounts. If look on the internet,in the right places you will find that other people have tried to help them by giving them a list of items that were purchased. cars holidays lap dancing boats and yachts household items such wine beer food watches prostitutes,the list appears to be endless but what would the cia want with posh ladies underware for jungle training in south america have they got secret whorehouse in the jungle. well let get back to the money, after the invasion started a C 47 transport arrived in iraq with pallets full of hundred dollar bills this money ment to be used to bribe and pay tribal leaders to betray saddam.so what did they do with the money,they put in a warehouse and forgot to post guards. but thats not best of it when they returned to find warehouse empty and the dollars had done a lord lucan,the best of the best said we forgot to lock the door well i have some tips for them look into your CIA FBI and politicians bank accounts because we all know that the logistics involved in this task would need two forty foot trailers four tractors an two forklifts and seven men four TIR carney for crossing international borders. or better still lets cut out the middle men and fly it out on the same plane that brough it in simple,no doubt hollywood are all ready working on the movie staring i will shoot you in the face dick cheney i will tell you lies Donald Rumsfeld i will uphold lies Alberto Gonzales and number one klutz george w bush,and if you dont like our movie we will send you our anthrax letter which will changed your mind,sorry i ment your death.questions which i ask to be addressed are WHY ARE MORE PEOPLE DYING FROM RESPIRATORY ILLNESSES THAN ON THE DAY ITSELF? THE FBI SAYS THERE IS 'NO HARD EVIDENCE' BIN LADEN CARRIED OUT 9/11 AND DOES NOT CHARGE HIM WITH THE ATTACKS ON THEIR WEBSITE, SO WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT SAY HE DID IT? WHY ARE WE STILL IN IRAQ? WHY ARE WE STILL IN AFGHANISTAN? DOES ANYONE STILL BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT REALLY THOUGHT SADDAM HAD WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION? WHY DON'T WE GET A REFERENDUM ON WHO WILL RULE US? WHY ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE CONTINUALLY ARRESTED UNDER THE PREVENTION OF TERRORISM ACT, AND THEN RELEASED WITHOUT CHARGE? WHY DID THE GOVERNMENT GET THE TRAIN TIMES WRONG FOR THE LUTON TRAIN ON 7/7? WHY DOES BRITAIN NEED 4.2 MILLION CCTV CAMERAS - ONE FOR EVERY 14 PEOPLE AND 20% OF THE CAMERAS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD? IF THAT IS THE CASE, WHY HAVE WE NEVER SEEN A SINGLE PIECE OF CCTV SHOWING THE ALLEGED BOMBERS BOARDING THE TUBE TRAINS ON 7/7? WHY HAVE WE NEVER BEEN GRANTED AN INQUIRY INTO THE 7/7 TWO YEARS AFTER THE EVENT? ON 7/7 PETER POWER WAS RUNNING A 'TERROR DRILL' FOR A COMPANY OF 1000 PEOPLE INVOLVING SIMULTANEOUS BOMBS GOING OFF AT THE PRECISE TIMES AND PRECISE STATIONS THEY ACTUALLY WENT OFF; WHAT DO YOU THINK THE CHANCES OF THAT ARE? WHY DO WE NEED ID CARDS IN A FREE COUNTRY? WHY WAS JEAND CHARLES DE MENEZES SHOT IN THE HEAD SEVEN TIMES? WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT NEED TO BORROW FROM PRIVATE BANKS? WHY ARE 10% OF YOUR TAXES BEING SPENT ON AN ILLEGAL WAR? WHY ARE YOU IN SO MUCH DEBT? SCIENTISTS SAY THAT LIQUID BOMBS TAKE 24 HOURS TO MAKE AND COULD NOT BE MADE ON A PLANE - SO WHY THE HYSTERIA AT AIRPORTS? BLACK IS WHITE - WHITE IS BLACK "IN A TIME OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT, TELLING THE TRUTH IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT" GEORGE ORWELL the question i have asked to be explained most is that how do you get three buildings to fall down in less than ten seconds as the Laws of Physics tell me that Using jet fuel to melt steel is an amazing discovery, really. It is also amazing that until now, no one had been able to get it to work, and that proves the terrorists were not stupid people. Ironworkers fool with acetylene torches, bottled oxygen, electric arcs from generators, electric furnaces, and other elaborate tricks, but what did these brilliant terrorists use? Jet fuel, costing maybe 80 cents a gallon on the open market. please please tell me how as i want to start my company to remove the cancer that tried to change us in the u.k Now back to the U.K all i want to know is when has the bill of rights been changed or amended the amswer never, as to do so would an act of high treason and if anybody has signed any document or charter to change our status as a sovereign power it would be an act of high treason under the naval act and the bill of rights of 1689 and if any police officer or local council officer disputes this law then they are also guilty of treason and they should be sent prison without trial.the reason i say this is since sixtys we have had an organization called common purpose this is suposed to be a charity so why does our government and the eu fund it, why are we paying our taxes for this so called charity to train selected people from every police force and council in the uk and charge between three and nine thousand pounds a time,thats our money so what do about it, my awnser that you can ask every council police and governmet department to supply this information under F.O.I act. then we can find who the traitors are,and we can put them into navel courts so the can legally hanged for treason.please look up u/gov site and the bill of rights i think somebody has been trying to edit it or at least trying hide the bits that they dont want you to see,but if you all law here is it in full Avalon Home Document Collections Ancient 4000bce - 399 Medieval 400 - 1399 15th Century 1400 - 1499 16th Century 1500 - 1599 17th Century 1600 - 1699 18th Century 1700 - 1799 19th Century 1800 - 1899 20th Century 1900 - 1999 21st Century 2000 - English Bill of Rights 1689 An Act Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown Whereas the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster, lawfully, fully and freely representing all the estates of the people of this realm, did upon the thirteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred eighty-eight [old style date] present unto their Majesties, then called and known by the names and style of William and Mary, prince and princess of Orange, being present in their proper persons, a certain declaration in writing made by the said Lords and Commons in the words following, viz.: Whereas the late King James the Second, by the assistance of divers evil counsellors, judges and ministers employed by him, did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the Protestant religion and the laws and liberties of this kingdom; By assuming and exercising a power of dispensing with and suspending of laws and the execution of laws without consent of Parliament; By committing and prosecuting divers worthy prelates for humbly petitioning to be excused from concurring to the said assumed power; By issuing and causing to be executed a commission under the great seal for erecting a court called the Court of Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes; By levying money for and to the use of the Crown by pretence of prerogative for other time and in other manner than the same was granted by Parliament; By raising and keeping a standing army within this kingdom in time of peace without consent of Parliament, and quartering soldiers contrary to law; By causing several good subjects being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when papists were both armed and employed contrary to law; By violating the freedom of election of members to serve in Parliament; By prosecutions in the Court of King's Bench for matters and causes cognizable only in Parliament, and by divers other arbitrary and illegal courses; And whereas of late years partial corrupt and unqualified persons have been returned and served on juries in trials, and particularly divers jurors in trials for high treason which were not freeholders; And excessive bail hath been required of persons committed in criminal cases to elude the benefit of the laws made for the liberty of the subjects; And excessive fines have been imposed; And illegal and cruel punishments inflicted; And several grants and promises made of fines and forfeitures before any conviction or judgment against the persons upon whom the same were to be levied; All which are utterly and directly contrary to the known laws and statutes and freedom of this realm; And whereas the said late King James the Second having abdicated the government and the throne being thereby vacant, his Highness the prince of Orange (whom it hath pleased Almighty God to make the glorious instrument of delivering this kingdom from popery and arbitrary power) did (by the advice of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and divers principal persons of the Commons) cause letters to be written to the Lords Spiritual and Temporal being Protestants, and other letters to the several counties, cities, universities, boroughs and cinque ports, for the choosing of such persons to represent them as were of right to be sent to Parliament, to meet and sit at Westminster upon the two and twentieth day of January in this year one thousand six hundred eighty and eight [old style date], in order to such an establishment as that their religion, laws and liberties might not again be in danger of being subverted, upon which letters elections having been accordingly made; And thereupon the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons, pursuant to their respective letters and elections, being now assembled in a full and free representative of this nation, taking into their most serious consideration the best means for attaining the ends aforesaid, do in the first place (as their ancestors in like case have usually done) for the vindicating and asserting their ancient rights and liberties declare That the pretended power of suspending the laws or the execution of laws by regal authority without consent of Parliament is illegal; That the pretended power of dispensing with laws or the execution of laws by regal authority, as it hath been assumed and exercised of late, is illegal; That the commission for erecting the late Court of Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes, and all other commissions and courts of like nature, are illegal and pernicious; That levying money for or to the use of the Crown by pretence of prerogative, without grant of Parliament, for longer time, or in other manner than the same is or shall be granted, is illegal; That it is the right of the subjects to petition the king, and all commitments and prosecutions for such petitioning are illegal; That the raising or keeping a standing army within the kingdom in time of peace, unless it be with consent of Parliament, is against law; That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law; That election of members of Parliament ought to be free; That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament; That excessive bail ought not to be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted; That jurors ought to be duly impanelled and returned, and jurors which pass upon men in trials for high treason ought to be freeholders; That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void; And that for redress of all grievances, and for the amending, strengthening and preserving of the laws, Parliaments ought to be held frequently. And they do claim, demand and insist upon all and singular the premises as their undoubted rights and liberties, and that no declarations, judgments, doings or proceedings to the prejudice of the people in any of the said premises ought in any wise to be drawn hereafter into consequence or example; to which demand of their rights they are particularly encouraged by the declaration of his Highness the prince of Orange as being the only means for obtaining a full redress and remedy therein. Having therefore an entire confidence that his said Highness the prince of Orange will perfect the deliverance so far advanced by him, and will still preserve them from the violation of their rights which they have here asserted, and from all other attempts upon their religion, rights and liberties, the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster do resolve that William and Mary, prince and princess of Orange, be and be declared king and queen of England, France and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belonging, to hold the crown and royal dignity of the said kingdoms and dominions to them, the said prince and princess, during their lives and the life of the survivor to them, and that the sole and full exercise of the regal power be only in and executed by the said prince of Orange in the names of the said prince and princess during their joint lives, and after their deceases the said crown and royal dignity of the same kingdoms and dominions to be to the heirs of the body of the said princess, and for default of such issue to the Princess Anne of Denmark and the heirs of her body, and for default of such issue to the heirs of the body of the said prince of Orange. And the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons do pray the said prince and princess to accept the same accordingly. And that the oaths hereafter mentioned be taken by all persons of whom the oaths have allegiance and supremacy might be required by law, instead of them; and that the said oaths of allegiance and supremacy be abrogated. I, A.B., do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to their Majesties King William and Queen Mary. So help me God. I, A.B., do swear that I do from my heart abhor, detest and abjure as impious and heretical this damnable doctrine and position, that princes excommunicated or deprived by the Pope or any authority of the see of Rome may be deposed or murdered by their subjects or any other whatsoever. And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God. Upon which their said Majesties did accept the crown and royal dignity of the kingdoms of England, France and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging, according to the resolution and desire of the said Lords and Commons contained in the said declaration. And thereupon their Majesties were pleased that the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons, being the two Houses of Parliament, should continue to sit, and with their Majesties' royal concurrence make effectual provision for the settlement of the religion, laws and liberties of this kingdom, so that the same for the future might not be in danger again of being subverted, to which the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons did agree, and proceed to act accordingly. Now in pursuance of the premises the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons in Parliament assembled, for the ratifying, confirming and establishing the said declaration and the articles, clauses, matters and things therein contained by the force of law made in due form by authority of Parliament, do pray that it may be declared and enacted that all and singular the rights and liberties asserted and claimed in the said declaration are the true, ancient and indubitable rights and liberties of the people of this kingdom, and so shall be esteemed, allowed, adjudged, deemed and taken to be; and that all and every the particulars aforesaid shall be firmly and strictly holden and observed as they are expressed in the said declaration, and all officers and ministers whatsoever shall serve their Majesties and their successors according to the same in all time to come. And the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons, seriously considering how it hath pleased Almighty God in his marvellous providence and merciful goodness to this nation to provide and preserve their said Majesties' royal persons most happily to reign over us upon the throne of their ancestors, for which they render unto him from the bottom of their hearts their humblest thanks and praises, do truly, firmly, assuredly and in the sincerity of their hearts think, and do hereby recognize, acknowledge and declare, that King James the Second having abdicated the government, and their Majesties having accepted the crown and royal dignity as aforesaid, their said Majesties did become, were, are and of right ought to be by the laws of this realm our sovereign liege lord and lady, king and queen of England, France and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belonging, in and to whose princely persons the royal state, crown and dignity of the said realms with all honours, styles, titles, regalities, prerogatives, powers, jurisdictions and authorities to the same belonging and appertaining are most fully, rightfully and entirely invested and incorporated, united and annexed. And for preventing all questions and divisions in this realm by reason of any pretended titles to the crown, and for preserving a certainty in the succession thereof, in and upon which the unity, peace, tranquility and safety of this nation doth under God wholly consist and depend, the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons do beseech their Majesties that it may be enacted, established and declared, that the crown and regal government of the said kingdoms and dominions, with all and singular the premises thereunto belonging and appertaining, shall be and continue to their said Majesties and the survivor of them during their lives and the life of the survivor of them, and that the entire, perfect and full exercise of the regal power and government be only in and executed by his Majesty in the names of both their Majesties during their joint lives; and after their deceases the said crown and premises shall be and remain to the heirs of the body of her Majesty, and for default of such issue to her Royal Highness the Princess Anne of Denmark and the heirs of the body of his said Majesty; and thereunto the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons do in the name of all the people aforesaid most humbly and faithfully submit themselves, their heirs and posterities for ever, and do faithfully promise that they will stand to, maintain and defend their said Majesties, and also the limitation and succession of the crown herein specified and contained, to the utmost of their powers with their lives and estates against all persons whatsoever that shall attempt anything to the contrary. And whereas it hath been found by experience that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this Protestant kingdom to be governed by a popish prince, or by any king or queen marrying a papist, the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons do further pray that it may be enacted, that all and every person and persons that is, are or shall be reconciled to or shall hold communion with the see or Church of Rome, or shall profess the popish religion, or shall marry a papist, shall be excluded and be for ever incapable to inherit, possess or enjoy the crown and government of this realm and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belonging or any part of the same, or to have, use or exercise any regal power, authority or jurisdiction within the same; and in all and every such case or cases the people of these realms shall be and are hereby absolved of their allegiance; and the said crown and government shall from time to time descend to and be enjoyed by such person or persons being Protestants as should have inherited and enjoyed the same in case the said person or persons so reconciled, holding communion or professing or marrying as aforesaid were naturally dead; and that every king and queen of this realm who at any time hereafter shall come to and succeed in the imperial crown of this kingdom shall on the first day of the meeting of the first Parliament next after his or her coming to the crown, sitting in his or her throne in the House of Peers in the presence of the Lords and Commons therein assembled, or at his or her coronation before such person or persons who shall administer the coronation oath to him or her at the time of his or her taking the said oath (which shall first happen), make, subscribe and audibly repeat the declaration mentioned in the statute made in the thirtieth year of the reign of King Charles the Second entitled, _An Act for the more effectual preserving the king's person and government by disabling papists from sitting in either House of Parliament._ But if it shall happen that such king or queen upon his or her succession to the crown of this realm shall be under the age of twelve years, then every such king or queen shall make, subscribe and audibly repeat the same declaration at his or her coronation or the first day of the meeting of the first Parliament as aforesaid which shall first happen after such king or queen shall have attained the said age of twelve years. All which their Majesties are contented and pleased shall be declared, enacted and established by authority of this present Parliament, and shall stand, remain and be the law of this realm for ever; and the same are by their said Majesties, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons in Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same, declared, enacted and established accordingly. II. And be it further declared and enacted by the authority aforesaid, that from and after this present session of Parliament no dispensation by _non obstante_ of or to any statute or any part thereof shall be allowed, but that the same shall be held void and of no effect, except a dispensation be allowed of in such statute, and except in such cases as shall be specially provided for by one or more bill or bills to be passed during this present session of Parliament. III. Provided that no charter or grant or pardon granted before the three and twentieth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred eighty-nine shall be any ways impeached or invalidated by this Act, but that the same shall be and remain of the same force and effect in law and no other than as if this Act had never been made. 17th Century Page Constitution Page Avalon Home Document Collections Ancient 4000bce - 399 Medieval 400 - 1399 15th Century 1400 - 1499 16th Century 1500 - 1599 17th Century 1600 - 1699 18th Century 1700 - 1799 19th Century 1800 - 1899 20th Century 1900 - 1999 21st Century 2000 - © 2008 Lillian Goldman Law Library 127 Wall Street, New Haven, CT 06511. Avalon Statement of PurposeContact UsYale Law LibraryUniversity LibraryYale Law SchoolSearch MorrisSearch Orbis names to look on google 1 albert burges 2 brian gerrish 3 David Noakes 4 John Harris This is what david noakes has to say and i couldent agree more well done that wise man there should be like him telling as it is,to stop the insidious actions carried by common porpose the house of lords labour conservative and worst of all liberal party for not voting on the lisbon act of treason but we will not forget. Fifty reasons to leave the EU We joined the EU (EEC) in 1972. After 36 years inside we now know: 1. The European Union’s six constitutional treaties build a dictatorship. 2. The EU has the laws of a police state - enforced after the Lisbon Treaty, from 1st January 2009. 3. The EU's 120,000 regulations will bring us a soviet style command economy and abject poverty. 4. Unelected EU dictators will control the nuclear weapons of former nations of Britain and France. 5. The EU 's six treaties will compel us to hand over all our armed forces to the EU. 6. Our armed forces and police have been told they will swear a new oath to the EU, or be fired. 7. The EU’s 120,000 regulations will rigidly control our personal lives - more than any nation in history. 8. EU regulations now cost us £100 billion a year. (Better Regulation Commission annual report 2005) 9. When enforced, those regulations will destroy most of our 4.5 million small businesses. 10. Up to 13.5 million will be unemployed after EU regulations close small businesses. 11. The 120,000 regulations will make us subject to continual arrest (SOCPA 2005). 12. There are now 3,095 "Crimes against the EU state" on the British statute book. 13. We will be stopped on the street for continual checks on our EU ID cards after 2009. 14. The EU’s Constitutional treaties replaced the British Constitution on 1st January 2009. 15. The EU treaties will close our Westminster Parliament after its 5 years expire on 5th May 2010. 16. The EU's Road Pricing and then ID chips will keep the state informed of our exact position. 17. Huge taxes/fines by the EU's Road Pricing, Congestion Charging and global warming policies. 18. The EU Regionalisation Plan will abolish England and our 48 counties in favour of 9 EU regions. 19. The 9 EU regions will report direct to Brussels, not to Westminster, which will be defunct. 20. The EU Regionalisation Plan will abolish our 19,579 councillors. 23. British common law mainly replaced by EU corpus Juris by 1992. Government is now above the law. 21. Police have shot 30 innocent people dead since 1992 and have not been successfully prosecuted. 22. 1,100 deaths in police custody since 1992 and no successful prosecutions. 24. Police Shoot to Kill policy now in force; illegal under British common law, OK under EU corpus juris. 25. EU conceived in Germany from 22nd June 1940 as the EEC - speech by Hermann Goering. 26. First EEC conference Berlin University 1942, 13 nation summit Berlin 1943 run by von Ribbentrop 27. After fall of Germany, the Germans switched the EU from a Nazi to a communist basis in1946. 28. Hitler's Deutsche Verteiderungs Dienst Intelligence Department (DVD) still controls EU development. 29. Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon, Roy Jenkins recruited by the DVD in 1958 as saboteurs. 30. DVD has arranged finance to put pro-EU ownerships into British newspaper groups. 31. EU has been sabotaging Britain with German Frankfurt School techniques since the 1950's. 33. The EU's main subversive organisation in Britain, Common Purpose, was run from the ODPM. 34. The EU's Common Purpose has trained 30,000 local leaders for "the post democratic era" 35. Common Purpose has been inside the NHS for 20 years, controls it, and has wrecked it. 36. Common Purpose has 400 staff inside the BBC censoring out anti-EU news and and current affairs. 37. Common Purpose has staff in hundreds of local newspapers censoring out anti-EU news 38. Common Purpose is transferring power from councillors to the unelected council executives. 39. Common Purpose has built the EU gravy trains inside local and national government. 40. Common Purpose has built most of Britain's 8,500 quangos costing us £167 billion pa 41. These quangos bribe compliant, pro EU local officials and businessmen with £150,000+ salaries. 42. EU quangos are the reason your council tax is going through the roof. 43. The EU is utterly corrupt and cannot account for 95% of its expenditure (yes, ninety five % lost) 44. The EU has over 200,000 offshore bank accounts from which it pays bribes. 45. We now lose £45 billion a year trading with the EU. Outside, we had an even balance of payments. 46. EU Constitution is similar to the Soviet. And EU Commissioners similar to Soviet Politburo members. 47. The EU parliament is a sham with no power - just like the old Soviet parliament. 48. The leadership of the Conservative Party has been controlled by the EU since the 1960's. 49. The Labour and Lib Dem leaderships EU controlled for 20 years - that's why your vote doesn't count. 50. The Amsterdam Treaty 1997 gave the EU control of our immigration, now running at 2.6 million pa. 51. Our infrastructure can't cope with the 10 million immigrants the EU has let in since 1997. 52. 380,000 highly qualified British emigrate annually to escape from the EU and its overcrowding. You can stop the EU with the campaigns at http://eutruth.org.uk/campaigns.pdf. You can do it. David Noakes. http://eutruth.org.uk 07974 437 097 albert bergess is an ex policeman who has found some intresting facts about english law and will open your eyes to the con that has been going on since 1967 look please google it then go to local police station and ask for the traitors to be put on trial,they will be a little confused at first untill the understand what you asking is for the law of the land to be upheld under thr bill of rights takes
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Hi, Omnidirectional Antenna, as correctly was explained by the previous posters, can be used to Transmit (Tx) and Recieve (Rx) in WIRELESS radio communication between SEVERAL users. The HIGHER the the TOWER (normally made of still, where the antenna is placed), the Rx/Tx range is greater. Yet, far LESS effective than the DIRECTIONAL one. The normal FREQUENCY used are the VHF (Very High Freq.) and UHF (Ultra High Freq,), the latter is preferable since the SIGNAL can penetrate CONCRETE walls even at sub-basements (MALL, Hotels etc), and that the latter requires SHORTER antenna. Search using Google Image, two-way communication, transceiver antenna. U cannot miss them pal. Both Freqs. can be scrambled that only common users can access. With REPEATERS, high towers, u can communicate with same users of certain freqs. even from 100 kms away. With the repeaters u use low power of some TWO Watts Rx. Search as well high-gain antenna. Very good one is LARSEN made in the USA, for VHF. Perhaps also available for UHF. Btw, kindly take a peek at my Page at SCRIBD. Simply key in my name, or tjoaginsing. Enjoy....for the brave hearts only. PEACE to all, Salaam [= shalom, from common consonants S-L-M in Arabic and Hebrew (Ibrani?), the language of Prophet Moosa and Eesaa you Christian call Jesus].
as one who has been followed and watched by mi5 i can tell you its frightening and once you are on the radar its hard to get off;i had to give up politics just to get the spooks off my case.. i was a union offical and in the end the pressure was too much..
Thomas Geithner
Thanks for this blog: raises some interesting and useful points. I was in fact not far away from Ben Stack on holiday when this happened: can't remember the exact weather but in general the weather was mixed that week. The death is not accidental I would contend; Gaynor may personally be wholly innocent but she may also have been picked up as a low grade operative in her early post-uni days which means she was in some ways compromised. The reporting is confused and contradictory - yes so what (so much reporting is) and then again not so what .... It seems that information given out in this case was also a tad confused and contradictory.. Key here is the anonymous walker who happened to be passing by. They always wish to try and control things in the minutiae and someone on the ground to "supervise" (and maybe more - who knows) is a must. Why did this do it: as a warning to others: look what he was doing ... do that and this is what happens. He opposed the Iraq invasion: a no no and then started to reveal some really important stuff such as the Al Quaeda/CIA links (obvious if one traces Bin laden back to the Mujahadeen days but nonetheless radical in these mass-media-hypnotised-times of terrorists under the bed) There is also a strange thing at work here which I have not fully comprehended which is that is, as a public figure, you start to come out with the truth (or leave the media/mind controlled park) but only do it in dribs and drabs al la Cook you gravely imperil yourself: go the full monty like Michael Meacher or Norman Baker and you protect yourself. This may have something to do with a death highlighting the truth of what they where saying - ie creating a bit of a martyr whereas derision and mocking can effectively sideline them if alive. Maybe the partial disclosure of a Robin Cook really is dangerous to them as he is operating from the main ball park whereas a Meacher is too far into kookville to have clout in their eyes. Just some reflections
http://www.anusha.com/ciastudy.htm Apparently according to this CIA assassination handbook link that I found online - it states that one of the easiest methods of assassination is to cause the target to fall from a height. It also says feigning being on hand to provide 'rescue' is generally a good way to cover up one's involvement.
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Why would Mystery Walker feel the need to inject his personal interpretation "I would say that he was very familiar with his heart condition over several years and 'knew' his time had come." On what evidence, apart from Mrs Cook's alleged reference to a slight "bad Turn", does Mystery Walker draw his personal interpretation that Robin Cook knew "his time had come", given that Cook was presumably already dead by the time Mystery Walker arrived on the scene. Did Mystery Walker have any relationship with Cook prior to finding him lying dead just below the summit of Ben Stack? Was there any way Mystery Walker could have known what Robin Cook knew or felt immediately prior to his death on Ben Stock?
We live in dangerous times. World economies need oil and 10 years ago an army of 1 million Iranians were 12 hours from half the world's oil (Iraq, Kuweit and Saudi). After the Gulf wars, 250k US troops are in Iraq so this won't happen. There is a ship (Estonia) with 4 truck loads of radio active waste to be processed at the bottom of the Baltic - a Black Market deal which went wrong. We covered it with concrete - it is pretty safe now. We are not playing the chess game . . . we are the pieces. In 2017 the Rudolf Hess discussions at the British Embassy in Lisbon will be released . . . something about the terms and conditions with Hitler. Hopefully we will all still be alive to hear what went down.
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That's nice topic.I'm glad im not the only one who thinks this. well done to you all for courageing up.
The SouL
Robin Cook's demise is something I suspected was unnatural as soon as I heard of the event. He spoke out and was deleted I believe. There is information out there that we can all access. Intuition does tap into knowledge in an unseen dimension.. There is no doubt in my mind, due to intuition and circumstances I've read of, that Robin Cook's death was caused my sinister means as you point out. Who knows who is really running the show, but it does seem to be soulless and evil and ready to despatch anyone who messes up certain plans. Kelly was also deleted. The despatch process is highly intelligent, highly convert and thorough in covering tracks. Clearly professional with power backing. But pure evil that goes against all standards of true democracy and good. I am sure the guilty though, will ultimately be brought to justice one way or another as whoever committed these acts, does not hold universal power.
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The mystery walker (above) seems to have a tremendous incite into Cooks relationship with his family and a well developed understanding of his sense of humour, odd given that knew Robin only in death!
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Well, the economic and social chaos that we are witnessing nowadays has been deliberately engineered by Fabian New Labour and Common Purpose along with New World Order plotters in places like the United States and the European Union. Kevin
Robin Cooks death along with all other suspicious deaths ie John Smith, Diana Spencer,Dr David Kelly ect are unfortunately derided by the manipulated mainstream media to be natural or accidental. Anyone who challenges the official conclusions of these deaths are immediately derided as conspiracy theorist clowns with an over active imagination. This is one reason why the press show so much contempt for the credibility of the likes of YouTube. Not only does it affect the sales of the now undermined "free press" it also scares the hell out of the establishment. We live in an evil world.
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Interesting post. The questions you have brought up is surely going to stir up a conversation.
I was on Arkle ,the nearest hill that day weather was poor soI saw nothing maybe the walker wasd too shy to be named I am ashamed to say that had i been on Ben Stack I would have been useless as I don't know first aid
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