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The problem with the legalisation of poppies is that on the legal market they sell for less than a third of what they go for on the black market so they would still largely end up as heroing, and still provide income to the drug dealers. The drug dealers would still fund the fighters to cover the illegal diversions of poppies. On the other hand, at least the farmers wouldn't feel targetted.
Whatever does Des Browne mean with this quote: (via the Guardian - http://www.guardian.co.uk/frontpage/story/0,,1875711,00.html): "Success won't be what we understand by security and prosperity and proper governance, but it will be progress and it will be massively worth achieving." Whatever does he mean?
When I first read Browne's words, I assumed he was speaking off-the-cuff. But, no, those were his prepared remarks. Given that, I think he means that we, they are, and it is, f*cked up.

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