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John Gorenfeld
Yeah, let me know if you find anything more on this. Ban Ki sure sounds like a non-Moon follower to me. He doesn't even seem like a groupie: any of the politicians who frequent Moon events. I'm not sure where Madsen gets this stuff.
I agree that BKM is highly unlikely to be a follower of SMM, and Madsen leaps to conclusions unsupported by the facts. But the question of Moon's, sorry, Sun Myung's, response to a Korean S-G is a vital one. Will Ban Ki tolerate Sun Myung (and if so, why)? If not, the Messiah will not be pleased, and may seek to undermine the S-G. Did the five permanent members consider this before endorsing Ban Ki Moon?
Alex Paul
it is more important to know whether he can fulfill his job than guessing his religious faith or affiliation. the more people (muslim, mormons, unificationist, jew, hindus, buddhists, etc) he can embrace would show his depth of character. the world does not need further polarisation but peace makers and bridge builders of peace. lets see whether the man delivers or not, whether he can meet or even surpass our expectations rather than disappointments as we have seen in U.N. a.k.a. United Nonsense
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