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Nice blog! The BBC's John Simpson said he'd never forget the subtle smile he thought played across Saddam's face as he left the courtroom. It was as if he had achieved everything he wanted to. Maybe there's a different reason. Maybe he knows he won't be killed. I think there is still plenty more to be played out here. The timing of the sentence disgusted me. The trial was a blatant farce. Beckett is a joke. And on it goes...
Grant Thoms
You know I am not a supporter of capital punishment, in fact I called for Saddam Hussein's lifelong incarceration as a better reminder of generations to come about the folly of building a monstrous dictator (as the West did), only to have it turn against you. But I derive no joy at whooping up the idea that somehow Saddam is better than even Bliar and Bush. This is pointless. The Kurds, Sunnis and Shias who have died in their millions at the hands of Saddam, Bush and Bliar deserve better than this cheap comment.
It seems that all parties are either ignoring or scared to face the problem if illegal immigration in the United Kingdom. While most of undocumented immigrants are hiding and living in misery, J Reid and L. Burn are pretending to be in control of the situation. This inertia is will only benefit scrupulous employers So far we have been listening only to right wing parties and think tanks. That's the reason why I decided to launch the survey at http://www.skillipedia.com to hear opinions from normal people. Once we get enough coverage from the press we will be able to relay the result of the survey to the Home Office You opinion is much appreciated
Pretty disgraceful post - "Long Live President Saddam Hussein!", what immoral idiotic toss. And "one of the few people to have come out from the Iraq mess with his reputation at all enhanced" - I guess that just depends on how highly you value the reputation of senile mass murderers.
UK Daily Pundit
Have they got to you? You are very quiet.
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