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Passing by
TRJ was wearing a seatbelt. The comments ascribed to Duke Of E cannot be taken seriously.
Interesting commentary is here: http://www.rigorousintuition.ca/board/viewtopic.php?t=9454&start=60
Very interesting/revealing discussion over at that Rigorous Intuition Board link above!
Very interesting that you were asked or told by Special Branch to watch, presumably including on Usenet, as early as October-November 1997, for material suggesting it was murder by the British secret state. Can you possibly say more about this? b
Hi, I'm Princess Diana's American lover, and father of the two boy's. I've had no luck writing to various interested parties, and am posting my own website soon.She viseted me months before her death, and phoned before her fatal crash, I may be the last person outside of the car she spoke with. Authorities are not responding,and you?
Hi 'b' There's nothing more really to add. I had the 'CIA telex' on my home PC (yes, probably found on Usenet) and was sceptical of its authenticity. Events such as Di's death evoke many conspiracy theories and hoaxes. I'd assumed the CIA telex was a forgery. But SB's interest in the online conspiracy theories, and then the telex's appearance in the LeWinter arrest, led me to reconsider. Its non-appearance in the Stevens Report I find baffling.
To "Passing by" No - read the report: Chapter 6, p421 "Operation Paget’s view is that none of the seat belts were being worn at the time of the impact, including that of Trevor Rees-Jones. From the nature of marks found on his seat belt, it is considered unlikely that he was even in the process of attempting to put it on at all at the time of the crash. David Price’s examination of the seat belts showed that they were in a good operational condition with the exception of the rear right seat belt, which was found to be jammed in the retracted position because part of the internal mechanism had become displaced." You, like me, were left with a strong impression that TRJ was belted up. According to Paget's analysis, we were fooled.
Hi, many thanks for this. What I'm especially interested in is the details of what SB said or asked regarding online allegations and material; and of any further discussions they may have had with you about your findings or their interests. I fully realise that you may not wish to disclose some of this! In case you are wondering, I am the founder of the Usenet newsgroup alt.conspiracy.princess-diana, created on the day of the crash and still going strong. Over the years it has been subject to various spooky operations. Regards, b
Re. things that don't appear in the Stevens report, there's also the possible role of (then) SIS Director of Operations Richard Dearlove. (He later became chief). He was alleged to have been in Paris too. Langman and Spearman get mentioned; Dearlove doesn't. Nor of course does Brenda Wells. Perhaps unlike Gary Hunter she is unwilling to retract or cloud over what she says she saw. b
How relevant is this material p714 of the Paget enquiry "In summary, the driver of the second Fiat Uno that underwent technical examination (Operation Paget Other Document 212), owned the car in August 1997. Interestingly, in light the of George and Sabine Dauzonne having seen a large dog, possibly black and wearing a bandana or muzzle in the rear of the Fiat Uno, that person confirmed that he owned two Rottweilers at the time, both black and tan. He had one, wearing a muzzle, in his Fiat Uno when he was working. He was at work overnight on Saturday 30 August 1997. He repainted his Fiat Uno red in late August, apparently to improve the standard of security work he was getting. The date of the repaint is disputed. He claimed it was repainted on Saturday 30 August 1997, before the crash. A friend of his believed it was the day after the crash. The original white paint was Bianco Corfu 224. This ruled the car in as a possibility if the date of the repaint was mistaken. The French experts ruled the car out because they could find no trace of collision damage at the likely point of impact; and the rear light fittings (believed smashed in the collision with the Mercedes) showed a date of manufacture which matched the vehicle. LGC Forensics however came to the same conclusion as they did with James Andanson’s Fiat Uno. They stated that the physical evidence did not show conclusively whether this Fiat was or was not involved in the collision." what do you think?
i posted this earlier on another section of your blog. i want to congratulate you on your work. it is really impressive. K-Team do look interesting and do work in the "security" sector. They are very high end. Robotics would presumably be needed to control a car "boston brakes" style. Mercedes Benz were never given the chance to go over the car despite open ended offers. Paget claims that both they and the French did a thorough job of examining it and found no tamper evidence. But K-Team could no doubt also be a name for those ever illusory surrogates/cut-outs/private contractors that we have all been told about and know exist in spook world. They would no doubt have been called upon to provide their services in such an operation. What do you reckon their call-out charges are like?
On third thoughts the CIA LeWinter document must be false. It talks of "Al Fayed Mercedes Limo stolen" when the car never belonged to the Al Fayeds. It belonged to Etoile Limousines who are/were a third party limo supplier to the Ritz. Does Al Fayed have any financial interest in Etoile Limousines? The whole Mercedes connection must be a misnomer. Combined with the fact that no signs of physical tampering either according to the French/Brit experts? in any case wouldn't you also have wanted to tamper with the original 600SL saloon too? Of course nobody ever checked that, did they? I think we should forget about the whole Mercedes story. It doesn't stack up. Better to concentrate on the Fiat Uno and surrounding motor bikes. no? I will post more info on the Fiat Uno revealed in Gordon Thomas's book "Gideons Spies" now in its latest 2007 edition. Namely that the Uno was quickly taken to a truck, then off to a crush yard aka Mr Fox in Pulp Fiction style. Also would like your view on King and Beveridge book "Hidden Evidence" now also in 2007 edition which claims North American source turned up in Glastonbury 1 week before incident and proclaimed it had all been arranged. Who do want to believe?
"Dunno who Mr Etheridge is". Ken Etheridge was the former Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police who became head of security for Tiny Rowland. Have you got an email address?? b
michael mullins
The relevant portions of the Mercedes, relevant to the question of whether the Mercedes was modified/doctored, were destroyed after they got into French custody. Doesn't sound like a coincidence.
michael - thats not what i got from paget nor the french investigators. i believe the door and bumper samples showing the fiat uno paint samples were lost/destroyed but nothing else. have you followed the evidence on the inquest site? it can be great reading. it looks like as from today the paps are getting closer and closer to being involved, almost directly it could be suggested ie right at the entrance to the tunnel before the crash i reckon the french didn't do nearly as much examination of their evidence as the british are doing and didn't want them to get the blame since most were french although dunno what nationaility Rat is. the french authorities also have refused to let the inquest examine the paps, when they have let most other witnesses attend. that now seems very fishy to me that might kill the conspiarcy although for me dark forces are always involved in these kinds of things and a lot of "collective denial" all around - my favourite expression for 2008
I remember press articles around the time of the accident reporting that there was a particular Mercedes used for Al Fayed's family which was unavailable and had been substituted with the one involved in the crash. The regular driver was unavailable and Henri Paul, the Ritz head of security was asked to drive them instead. So it looks like the cars were assigned to the Ritz on a more long-term arrangement. Paul was proven to be in receipt of funds from SIS and, at shortly after the accident, they were acknowledging him as a "low-level asset". He was a recovering alcoholic and took medication designed to cause his body to react violently to alcohol. He was still taking the medication on the night he died and yet post mortem blood tests showed an elevated level of alcohol in his blood. Al Fayed reacted with his customary outrage and the French authorities carried out further blood alcohol tests. Unusually, these showed the a blood concentration more than double shown by the initial tests. Not bad for post mortem alcohol metabolism...! Richard Tomlinson, the ex-MI6 agent had a lot of interesting information on his website and tried to speak before the investigating judge. Of particular concern to him was a previous MI6 plot to assassinate Slobodan Milosovich in identical style to the method supposedly used to kill the PoW. For his trouble, he was arrested by the French police, prevented from speaking to the judge (detained then deported) and had his laptop and mobile comms "confiscated". For my part, I was travelling from London to Moscow on the day Diana was killed. I heard the initial reports on UK radio and tuned into BBC World Service on arrival in Moscow. I speak fluent French, German and Russian and flicked between various channels to follow the story. I particularly remember listening to interviews with Frederic Mailliez, the doctor who attended Diana before the arrival of the paramedics, on both French and UK TV channels. I also clearly remember the discrepancies between what he was actually saying in French and the English language subtitles on BBC World Service, eg "She was conscious and moaning" translated as "she was unconscious and unresponsive". Anyone familiar with SAMU/Pompiers processes would wonder why, having put the princess in their ambulance and left the scene, they then took 45 minutes to make their way to a hospital no more than a mile away. Ordinarily, a critically injured person is stabilised at the scene (where possible) and then driven quickly to the nearest hospital.....not put in an ambulance and sent on a round Paris tour in super-slow motion. The whole thing stank then and stinks still, but I guess that there's a limit to the number of white-washes that we can afford these days.

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