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See a;so the case of Martin Mubanga, a joint citizen of both United Kingdom and Zambia, who was held, without charge at Guantanamo Bay for 33 months. He was released in January 2005, when after American authorities transferred him to UK custody, British officials determined there were no grounds to charge Mubanga with any crimes, and he was released. Mubanga, was the victim of an extraordinary rendition from Zambia, without having an opportunity to challenge his capture or rendition. Under the Royal Prerogative, the United Kingdom government declined to issue a new passport to Mubanga
Marij Sak
Utter ruubish! It was a device he was using because his own government hadn't made the same progress (or even effort!) as the UK in releasing their citizens. He has not desire to live here, or contribute in any way. Why should he be a citizen? (His citisenship lasted one day or less, after the legal system forced it despite rational considerations.)
Marij, I disagree. He was a British citizen from birth - he only lacked the papers to prove it, through a bureaucratic oversight. As soon as he got the papers, the UK government stripped him of his citizenship. I think it stinks.

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