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Ian Henshall
The entries are not poorly written. I am Ian Henshall author of 911 The New Evidence and co-ordinator of Reinvestigate 911, by the way, and I chanced on the Robin Coook thread now in October 2009, so maybe no-one will ever read this, but here are a few points, not properly researched. 1. No-one is supicious of the death of Hugo Young, I think we should be. He died young riddled with cancer. He was hugely influential, not only as a widely read columnist but far more as a member of the Scott Trust which owns the Guardian. Blairite/neocon influence at the Guardian has been absolutely essential to the post 911 project for war without end, diverting attention from whether the war script is even right to the details of how the war is run. Hugo Young was moving fast from a moderately anti-war position to somewhere far more radical. It is essential for the Empire that the left is run by fakes like Nick Cohen and Johan Hari, and pompous ignoramuses like George Monbiot who were all in nappies when Operation Phoenix was runnning in Vietnam, who think the US is a democracy, and the CIA was taught torture by Bush. The Empire will not tolerate even one well placed opinion former who is prepared to challenge the official 911 fairytale. 2. Back to Cook: he was no saint as anyone who revolted at his bloody lies over Kossovo (or Kossova as he called it) is aware, but on the other hand they probably maintain more anger towards their own who defect than to people like me. It's a mafia thing. Also relevant is Blair's coup in removing him as For Sec a few months before 9/11. I say coup because no reporter that I read saw it coming, this was real secret not a Westminster type "secret" aka a leak. 3. I'm sure you mentioned somewhere that his death followed his Guardian statement that Al Qaeda was created by the CIA. This would be the motive for offing him: what else did he find out as Foreign Secretary in charge of MI6? By the way, the quotes attributed to him on radical internet 911 sites are wrong. 4. So far as the day is concerned, yes it is odd that the mystery mountaineer found this blog and posted. It is also odd that his last text said the weather was not what everyone else said it was. Also the issue of whether he was injured or not. Local journos do not always get it wrong, it's the Fleet Street boys who do that - often on the orders of editors. We need to know what his doctor said. Did he have a heart condition or not? Maybe it's significant that he had said he would not run against Brown, but maybe they didn't want to take the chance anyway. The Duke of Westminster and the radio mast are IMO a distraction.

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