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The police officers who asked you to keep a watch out for online allegations of foul play in the Princess Diana crash - were any of them among the officers recently named at the inquest? Namely: Rees, Dixon, Mulvihill, Veness, Gargan ?
Other officers mentioned at the inquest: Davies, Johnston, Sharp. Do any of these ring a bell?
Another one was called Wall. You can read the transcript of evidence given today by Rees at: http://www.scottbaker-inquests.gov.uk/hearing_transcripts/171207am.htm
None of the above. He was SB, his specialism wasn't royal protection, and his question was outside of his normal territory. My impression was that all SB officers had been made aware that the powers-that-be were concerned about the spread of Net rumours related to Diana and MI6. SB, at the time, if I remember correctly, had no internet access. My SB officer knew I spent much time online, so asked me about it. He and his name isn't relevant to this case - his question was. I'm currently writing a short, unrevelatory piece on Cowper-Coles that I'll post sooner or later.
Ooh I was going to mention Cowpie, but I decided to stick with plod. Cowpie's been mentioned at the inquest too - although the SIS QC didn't jump up as he did when he heard the name Spearman. But if you reckon your piece will be unrevelatory. :-) Any idea where Cowpie got that middle name 'Louis'?
I guess the SIS QC didn't jump up because SC-C retired from the SIS when he became an ambassador. After extensive research, I posit that he got his middle name from his parents.
Paul Linford
Didn't realise you were back until now. Sorry I took your link down, will reinstate it. Excellent stuff on Gardner.
Frank describes the incident when he was shot here: http://tinyurl.com/5pplff
When an officer leaves the British army, he is referred to as Mr if his rank was Captain or below. Only Majors and above (officers "of field rank") retain their rank after retirement as part of their title. (This is what we were told in the CCF at school anyway.)

The quickest (!) way is to search the London Gazette. Your man is presumably cited here as "Lt. (A/Capt.) F. R. Gardner (519796) R.G.J.":

Ian Henshall
Ref Frank Gardner, I recall a BBC interview with him post 7/7 (or some other similar incident). He angrily said that part of the problem was our concern for civil liberties, which made life easier for terrorists. He contrasted this with Saudi Arabia. It seemed absolutely bizarre that he was praising the anti-teror policies of the place where terrorists had nearly successfully offed him. I take this to be yet another example of the triumph of propaganda over reality. Little wonder the BBC is so institutionally wedded to the 911 myth.

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